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My family and I moved to Weston in 1967, and I graduated Weston High School in 1980. I chose Weston to raise my son as a single mom, feeling that the sense of community and cultivating roots was one of the essential elements to raising my child.

I have a very diverse work experience, and with my Bachelor’s in Education and a teaching certification in CT, I chose the earth. I am committed and passionate about my work and know to the bone that it has an impact to help better serve our community. The knowledge I pass on to friends, family and acquaintances will most definitely affect not only their lives, but they too will pass it on because it affects us all.

As a woman, mother and member of our human community, I became increasingly aware of how important it is that we all as individuals pay attention to our choices and the impact that they have. We do in fact have choices about our environment, economy, health and education; we need a voice.

My commitment started in 2002 when I started an organic landcare business; I have my NOFA organic lawn care certification and am a beekeeper as well. My business's main focus is to help each individual make better choices about landcare. Teaching my clients and my friends how to compost, move away from synthetic chemicals and start to naturalize their property with native gardening for a more sustainable landscape, one household at a time, has been my mantra. I also recently became an advocate for renewable energy with a company that walks the walk and talks the talk. I am committed to clean energy, with the purpose to help people make educated choices where we get our energy and how important it is to choose renewable resources.

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Commitment to our...

: I believe that we have a responsibility to be good stewards of our land, our resources, and our environment. My passion is to educate communities about the importance of impact of our choices so we can all learn how we can effect change one person, one household at a time having a collective impact. Our towns of Easton, Redding, and Weston hold our farms and natural woodlands as among our most precious community assets. As your representative, I am committed to protecting and enhancing the viability of our resources.


Shared solar

Move forward with shared solar programs as in Massachusetts and Vermont. This will allow more private solar power generation by homeowners or renters who cannot build solar facilities on their homes.


GMO labeling

Remove the "trigger" clause and start requiring labels on food products that contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).


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